Friday, May 26, 2017

Dylan Peters!

One of the reasons for Reaching Higher is Dylan Peters.  Dylan shared with our seniors last Friday (read last weeks blog) and I was once again encouraged how Camp Evergreen has impacted individuals.  You've heard us talk a lot about numbers lately.  How our Guest Group Ministry and Summer Camp Ministry numbers are up - in fact we now have 1,012 campers registered for this summer!  You've heard us talk about how we do such a good job year round that guests are sending their children to summer camp.  That happened again last weekend.  But through all these numbers, through all the good challenges we have with space, individual lives are being transformed by the power of Jesus.  Dylan is one of those lives.  Listen to what he shared last week.

"When I was nine, my parents brought me to my first ever summer camp.  I was so excited that I forgot my sleeping bag and had to use the old blanket we kept in the van, but it did not dampen my week.  I had the time of my life!  Archery, climbing wall and candle making were just some of the things that filled my heart with joy.  On Roughin' It (Teepee Camp) we filled every available pot with small amphibians.  Our team name was "The Understatements" and our cheer was "We're OK".  And I learned about and experienced the life changing love of Jesus Christ.

I started working at camp in the summer of 2010 when I was 17 and the love I already had for camp grew.  I felt so blessed by the opportunity to come alongside campers and walk with them through an exploration of faith, to lead worship, and see the Holy Spirit stir change in their lives.  I now knew what I wanted to do with my summers!

I came back the next summer and stayed for fall where my love for camp continued to grow.  It was cool to experience another side of camp - our Guest Group Ministry.  Even though we don't have chapels its amazing how many different ways we can share the Good News of Jesus Christ.  I was at camp for the next three summers, this past summer as one of our Pit Crew Directors.  It was the most amazing summer of my life!

Currently I'm the assistant food services manager working under Ken Underwood.  Not bad for a wrench turner eh?  In the kitchen I've seen so much growth in my life as Ken challenges me to be a better person and to really have a servant heart!"

Dylan will continue to experience growth this summer as he takes on another new role as one of our Intern Directors.  Our unique style of ministry allows us to mentor young people.  It allows us to train leaders which ultimately allows us to see kids come to know Jesus.  As we continue to reach higher, we will see more lives transformed by the power of Jesus!

Thanks for your continued support.

Bob "Ranger" Kroeker
Executive Director

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