Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Scaffolding - Again?

Back by popular demand (or maybe we're too full!) we've asked Rolf to put the scaffolding back up at the Fort again to create some more space.  Last night, our first campfire of the week, 8 or 9 staff could not fit in the circle and were asked to sit outside.  If you remember back in July 2015 we put up scaffolding and started expanding our fire ring.  We continue to grow and $6,000 will allow Rolf and our volunteers to finish the ring.  If you would consider making a donation to camp marked "The Fort" that would be greatly appreciated as we continue to reach higher.  I'd love to take my mug selfie during the construction to keep you up to date!

A HUGE thanks to our volunteers this week!  We have volunteers who stay months and others who stay a week.  We are grateful for their service and want to say thanks for serving us and encouraging us.  Volunteers really are a breath of fresh air into our tired lungs.  We're still looking for kitchen and barn volunteers for August.  Please contact us here at camp for more information.

What about those houses?  We are close, oh so close to saying - GO!  Scott and the painters were back last week finishing up the window batten trim.  Scott is now ready for the Hardy Boys - I mean Hardie Board.  (siding)  Craig will be back this week to see if the homes have stopped their downward sinking trend before he declares - GO! (hopefully in a loud excited voice)  Once Craig says go - siding, drywall and the basement floor are next in line.

Week number three is well under way.  Ignite 1 is our second oldest camp with campers entering grades 7-9 here at the main site.  Roughin' It Boys 1 are down at the teepees.  We're excited that Brennan Dyck from Dalhousie is our speaker this week.  I was at our morning staff meeting where the cabin leaders were sharing what is happening in their cabins.  It was good to hear stories of God at work in the hearts and lives of our campers this early in the week.  As we read each campers evaluation at the end of the week, growth is definitely evident this summer.  Last week we gave out about 30 Bibles to campers who came to camp without one.  How cool is that?  (Very!)

I also love seeing staff and campers return.  Back for his second summer on Pit Crew is my friend Josiah.  Fun fact?  Josiah's dad was a cabin leader for me when I was the director at Camp Valaqua back in the early 90's!  That means I've had the privilege of serving with both father and son!

 Thanks for your continued support.

Bob "Ranger" Kroeker
Executive Director

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