Friday, October 27, 2017

Larry and Linda from Linden!

It's been a busy week here on the new staff homes.  Larry and Linda from Linden (try saying that 10 times quickly!) started painting the Red House.  Larry and Linda's daughters, Lindsey, Leslie and Allison served on seasonal staff here at Evergreen.  Larry and Linda were also here in 2013 leading one of the Mennonite Disaster Service teams working on our new cabin build.

Craig and Jordan were finishing up the back entries and Craig spent a second day on the Red House basement.  Ben and Andrew returned for their third trip to bring the cabinets in both homes - oh so close to being finished.

Han continues to work his way up with the stone on the Green House.  He only has a small window of warm enough weather during the day and apparently there is a big difference between the mortar setting and freezing!  And the Green Acres boys were back.  Kevin, Daniel and Kurt were doing what they do best, working the landscape.  And that brings us to the blog word of the week - Kevin!

When I said Kevin, some of you might be thinking Kevin from the Pixar movie Up.  Nope, we're talking about our own Kevin Thiessen.  I appreciate Kevin an awful lot.  (like lots)  Kevin has been deeply invested in Camp Evergreen either on the building committee or the board of directors since before my time here at Evergreen.  Kevin likes numbers - lots of numbers.  (I on the other hand like the number four)  Kevin especially likes all the numbers that make up our annual budget.

Kevin also likes to work.  If there is a rake lying around on holidays he'll pick it up and start raking the beach! (true story)  He combines this love for numbers and hard work as he serves Camp Evergreen.  This picture is Kevin under the Green House patio, back filling Alberta clay - by hand!  (by hand people!) 

A HUGE thanks to Kevin.  So I thought I would let you get to know him better with 10 "how well do you know Kevin" questions.

Favourite pop - Coke
Favourite chocolate bar - Three Musketeers
Favourite ride at Disneyland - Thunder Mountain (yes!)
Number of children - three sons - two of which have worked at Evergreen
Married - to Jennifer for 24 years (wonderful years he said!)
Favourite Mennonite meal - Roll Kuchen with Rogers Golden Syrup  - hold the watermelon
Favourite dessert - blueberry pie he said with a wishful voice at breakfast this morning
Number of spreadsheet pages he works with for our budget - 40
Year he worked here on seasonal staff - 1991
Something we don't know about him - Kevin tried out for football in high school when he was 90 lbs and they couldn't find equipment small enough!  (Go Seahawks Go!)

Why is Kevin so deeply invested in Camp Evergreen?  It makes his blood boil (in a good sense).  He also feels that we are all supposed to be a spiritual impact on people and because camp has such a huge impact, Kevin wants to "put his money where he gets the most bang for his buck!"  And he is doing just that!

Next time you see Kevin, bring him a slice of blueberry pie and say thanks!

Thank you for your continued support.

Bob "Ranger" Kroeker
Executive Director

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