Friday, May 4, 2018

Return of the Jedi..Or was it the Tractor?

If your children are as crazy about Star Wars as our children are, you know that they are celebrating today by saying as often as they can, "May the 4th be with you!"  Bev and I aren't huge fans so their love of Star Wars came from the Braun cousins who got them started at a young age.  Just to be clear, Bev and I like Star Wars, we're just not analyzing each movie four ways from Sunday to see who matches what in the 2nd movie which is the 6th movie or who is related to who.  Spoiler alert - Luke's father was Dar...I digress.

Our tractor was supposed to return today from a long overhaul up in Bob T's shop in Edmonton so we were all ready to celebrate "The Return of the Tractor" but it turns out "The Tractor Strikes Back".  The tractor front wheels were not cooperating this morning so it needs a bit more love.

Bob took the tractor back in November and along with Don and several others have put many (many) hours going over the tractor with a fine tooth comb or should I say a finely polished lightsaber (welder).  By my count they have fixed over 35 things, at times fabricating the part to save money.  Shops who have no connection with Evergreen have donated parts - simply because we are a children's camp.  How cool is that?  Complete strangers supporting Camp Evergreen.

Why is a tractor important to blog about?   This is an example of the strong support we have for Camp Evergreen and an encouragement that we still need volunteers supporting our ministry.  As our support grows, so do our ministry opportunities.  While it is true we need volunteers on site, volunteers who fix our tractor in Edmonton are just as important.  You may remember Bob and his Posse from Lendrum also fixed our Gator as well as building and donating our horse wagon.  We will use all three with the goal of seeing lives transformed by the power of Jesus.

Does a tractor help us Reach Higher?  One of my current board members and previous staff members may remember the time at a former camp where I was up in the bucket of a tractor, being driven around (slowly, oh so slowly) in the middle of a wide game (read middle of a wide game), throwing buckets of water on the campers.  Of course this was before insurance restrictions, safe place etc. (sorry Harry if you're reading this).  Of course we would never do this today (John), but technically speaking I was reaching higher in a tractor!

We use the tractor on a regular basis to feed our horses and plow snow (sometimes in summer).  We cut grass with it, move gravel and even outhouses.  I realize from experience that it is possible to feed horses without the tractor - but it is very difficult.  A tractor is a much needed tool to help us share the life changing news of Jesus with our campers.

Thanks Bob's Posse for your continued support.

Bob "Ranger" Kroeker
Executive Director

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