Saturday, November 12, 2016

Moving Beyond Cribs

It was another great week for weather and construction here on site. No one could have asked for better weather in November. Nearly 20+ degree days which even dried out some of the muddier areas around the homes.

As one of our staff members, John commented, "Our houses are growing up! They don't need their cribs anymore!". It's true - the cribbing portion of the two houses is very nearly finished. The near PERFECT weather this week meant that we moved ahead to pour concrete! The pumper truck and concrete trucks were back on Monday! How many concrete trucks do you think it takes to make a basement? Lots. And lots. We'll get a count for you on Monday when they're back to pour the basement on the second house.

It's so much fun to watch that pumper truck unfold and extend far out to the backs of the houses.


Once the concrete cured on House #1, the cribbers were back to remove the wall forms and start building them for House #2.

As long as the weather continues to hold, concrete for the second home gets poured on Monday. Electricians were also through here on Thursday for trenches and set up.

Next week marks the middle of November which means Summer Camp registration opens. Six weeks until we launch into our biggest summer season ever at Camp Evergreen. These growing camper numbers and Guest Groups that come through our camp is why we are Reaching Higher. 

Have a great weekend and check back with us on Facebook or here, on our Reaching Higher blog for more updates.

Courtney "Jogee" Armstrong
Partnerships and Development

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