Friday, November 4, 2016

We're Weeping Tiles of Joy!!

Weeping tiles! Yes, that's right - the weeping tiles are in! 

This has been another busy week for the two new homes being built on-site. It all started with the concrete trucks stopping by on Monday to pour  the footings. It was so much fun to watch the big crane reach out over the house basements.

A bit of snow and wet weather slowed us down this week. As you can see from some of the pictures - it was quite wet in the hole.

Once the footings were poured, then Kingsmith Homes returned to set up the weeping tile on both homes.  

As things are still a bit wet around here - the sumps are working double time to dry the area out before the rock slinging truck returned to finish the covering the weeping tiles.

To a non-construction person, this whole step-by-step process has been incredibly fascinating. I'm sure that Ranger, Rolf and some of the construction guys have been quite humoured as I've asked question after question of what the next step in the process might be. Like finding out what a cribber does or what weeping tile looks like...Who KNEW that weeping tile was actually hose...not like special bathroom tile that has a superpower!! I know SO MUCH MORE now about building a basement than I did last week.

The Rock Slinging Truck returned on Tuesday, November 2nd to cover up the weeping tile which set our cribbers up to finish the forms for the walls yesterday (Thursday) and today (Friday).

Concrete for the walls will be poured on Monday if the weather holds out. Lots of exciting things to report on here. I hope you have had a great week! Thanks for checking in!

Courtney "Jogee" Armstrong
Partnerships and Development 

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