Friday, February 10, 2017

Trombones In The Bathroom!

Last week Bev, Courtney and I took a road trip to the west coast to visit with our staff who are currently attending Columbia Bible College.  It was a real treat to connect with them and to be able to take them out for supper at Red Robins.  Not only was my burger very good, (don't forget the bottomless fries!) it was fun to tell camp stories and reminisce about last summer.  Our staff are really the heart and soul of Camp Evergreen and the main reason for our success as a camp.  We're excited that these staff can spend time deepening their relationship with Christ and their knowledge of the Bible at CBC.  We would love to see them all back this summer!

The new homes continue to move forward in spite of a -37 feeling like -45 Wednesday morning!  Our electrician was back and is close to finishing the first house.  We've started strapping the second house (remember, strapping is a good thing) in preparation for those fabulous boys from Gem and Duchess to come back for roof number two.  We met with Ben and Craig this week to talk about cabinets.  Ben's excitement for the homes and Camp Evergreen is very contagious.  All the kitchen, laundry room and bathroom cabinets will be custom built (with love) and installed at no charge to camp!  That is exciting and that is worth sharing!

In other excitement I've discovered the selfie stick.  Similar to Crocs, in that I never thought I would use them, a selfie stick is actually fun and simple to use as you can tell by this blog.  I'm still working on focusing and where to look in the phone.  My kids are already dreading the next holiday with their dad, and as you can tell the staff are pretty "excited" about it as well!

Our two family camps filled up this year in less than three hours.  You read that correctly.  Last year our family camp filled so quick we added another one.  This year we were ready (so we thought) with two family camps.  Registration opened at 9 am and both camps were full before noon.  We are now in the early stages of planning a winter family camp on the February 2018 Family Day weekend.

What about those trombones?  One of the reasons we need a new lodge is because we are running out of room.  Cochrane High School Band joined us this week for their band camp and the only room left for the trombones to have their clinic was in our outdoor washroom block foyer.  Not necessarily the best place to practice, although the acoustics are pretty good.  I guess the plus was they didn't have to ask permission to visit the washroom!

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Thanks again for your support.

Bob "Ranger" Kroeker
Executive Director

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