Friday, February 24, 2017

That "Aha" Moment

Have you ever had an "aha" moment?  That moment where something "clicks", where something resonated with you maybe for the first time?  Has an "aha' moment ever moved you to action?  Our guest group ministry recently became my "aha" moment.  Alberta, like the rest of Canada is not really that excited about church or Christianity.  And yet Alberta is excited about Camp Evergreen.  We continue to turn guest group after guest group away, simply because we do not have the space in the calendar or our facilities.

And here is the big "aha" moment for me.  We hear story after story here at Evergreen about summer campers who attend our camp directly because of their experience as a guest.  Alberta is coming to Camp Evergreen in summer where they will hear very clearly, the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Think about that for a moment.  Sit down if you need to.  The very people we want to reach out to, are coming to us.  The very people we want to reach, are excited to come to camp.  Our unique style of guest group ministry, our ability to build relationships with our guests because of our full programming is bringing guest after guest back as campers.

Camp Evergreens vision is "to see lives transformed by the power of Jesus."  That was evident again this year as one of our junior staff members wrote the following.

"Camp has allowed me to grow in God more than any other place.  The deep talks between the leaders and other interns has made me more on fire for God than I have been in years.  This summer at camp has taught me so much."

When we talk about Reaching Higher it is really that simple.  We need to grow camp to reach more children with the Good News.  Everything we do, every decision we make has to measure up to whether or not it will help us reach more children.  Why do we need a new lodge?  Here's a very good reason.  It's only the end of February and we already have waiting lists for this coming summer!

What is your "aha" moment with Camp Evergreen?

We continue to make progress on the homes.  In spite of a good dump of snow last night the roof continues to go up on the garage of house number two.  We're waiting for the fireplace to be installed in house number one before we can call for the rough in inspection.  Our good friend Ethan was back to today volunteering.  His sister Ella was volunteering today as well.  We really like Ethan and Ella!

This weekend is our annual junior high camp - Rise-N-Shine.  We're expecting about 80+ youth and sponsors to join us.  There is rumour of a new night game called "Captain Sonar" that involves submarines.  We'll see how it all plays out in the snow.

And what about that strange picture we posted on Wednesday?  Any guesses to what this is?  I'll keep you in suspenders for a couple more days!

Thanks again for your continued support.

Bob "Ranger" Kroeker - living in a blue submarine!
Executive Director

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