Friday, March 17, 2017

May The Sixth Be With You!

Consider this your official invitation to help us reach higher by attending our Annual Spring fundraiser on Saturday, May the Sixth!  We're excited about our Star Wars theme and are just a little sad that we are off by two days and can't say - May the Fourth be with you!  Gery Schubert will be joining us in full costume, character and regalia as we transform the gym at Dalhousie Church into a far off galaxy!  Contact camp to register.

Lots of progress on the homes over the last couple of weeks.  Our good friends from Duchess were back to finish roof number two.  A BIG thanks to Ron at Norseman Metal Supply and to the crew, Alex, Jacob, Corny, Choppo and Orlando for coming back a second time to tin our roof!  It is a huge blessing to receive not only one roof but two roofs from these generous individuals.
Our staff under the tutelage of Walt insulated the walls in house number one.  Scott and Brian were working hard this week on the front and rear decks.

Our plumber was back working on both homes and our furnace is ready to go in house number two.

What's next?  We're waiting for the rough electrical in house number two. Once that house passes inspection we will insulate.  We want to get heat in the homes and let them sit, settle and dry out for about six weeks.  During those six weeks we will be working hard on raising the funds needed to finish the homes.  If you would consider helping us by making a donation to our Reaching Higher campaign that would be great!

Our summer camp numbers continue to be about 100 campers ahead of last year at this time.  And we're excited to share that it looks like we have enough staff for our busy guest group season starting in May!

Please continue to pray for us.  We know that the enemy does not appreciate the excitement, momentum and lives being transformed by the power of Jesus that we are experiencing.  Your prayer is needed on a daily basis.

Thanks for your continued support.

Bob "Ranger" Kroeker
Executive Director

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