Friday, March 31, 2017

What Are We Drilling For Now?

I'm always surprised how fast a week goes by.  We talk about winter being our "slow" season, our season to rest, and here it's Friday already!  This winter seemed busier than ever.  Our new homes have kept us busy.  We've had a couple of larger winter groups.  And our staff is larger - which adds to the busyness.  It feels like I've blinked and spring is here!

What's been going on this week?  We picked up some band instruments.  No, we're not starting our own rock band (sorry staff).  We decided to purchase a few larger instruments so the schools don't have to bring them along for their band camps.  With the generous donation from an individual we purchased a large bass drum, xylophone and two timpani drums.

Scott and Brian have finished framing the houses.  The last couple of days were spent working on the decks with the "picture frame" finish.  Both homes are now covered in Tyvek which means the next step on the outside of the homes is siding.  We're excited that both Scott and Brian will be back in about a week to start the siding.

We had two groups of volunteers this week.  The Yang family from Calgary helped our staff insulate the walls on house number two.  Thank you very much for serving us!  And the boarding started on house number one.  Boarding is the technical term for putting drywall up on the ceiling!  A BIG thanks to Barry, Bob, Tobin and Matt for coming out today to board the ceiling.

The last of our hay arrived this week, we got our new freezer freezing and we replaced a well pump at the barn so our horses can drink.  The hot water at the lodge decided to stop working - just before our full ladies retreat!  Thanks Rolf for keeping up with everything you had to juggle this week!  And our new mugs arrived - you can pick one up in Moose Junction next time you're at camp.

We were also drilling this week and are now proud owners of three test wells.  Before we can build our new lodge we need a significant upgrade to our sewer system.  Sewer systems are not that glamorous, but they are needed!  (by the way, one of our septic tank pumps stopped working this week - another fix for Rolf!)  These test wells will help us monitor how "well" the new system is working.

Through the busyness of the week I've been reminded that lives are being transformed by the power of Jesus.  As a staff we have devotions every morning and the depth that our staff have in their relationship with Christ has been encouraging.  In the middle of winter, in our "slow" season, staff lives are being changed from the inside out to become more like Christ.  How cool is that?  (very cool!)

That's why we're reaching higher.  We want to see more lives transformed and to reach more kids with the life changing Good News of Jesus Christ.

Thanks again for you ongoing support.

Bob "Ranger" Kroeker
Executive Director

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