Friday, April 7, 2017

The Number Blog...

We brewed sixty-nine pots of coffee last weekend for our Ladies Retreat.  At ten cups per pot - that's 690 cups of coffee!  There were 108 ladies.  Let me help you with the math - 6.38 cups of coffee per lady!  The .38 is probably pretty accurate because often there is a bit of coffee left in the cup!  It was a great weekend and as a staff we really enjoyed serving the ladies.  The "huck a boot" contest could be on its way to becoming a new activity here at Evergreen!

Speaking of numbers - 118.  We are 118 campers ahead of last year at this time.  11 of our 26 camps are full.  While we are thankful for the good challenge of full camps, there is a down side.  Traditionally we have been able to really promote summer camp to our school guest groups in spring.  This year, as last, our camps will be close to full by time our busy spring season starts.  That means most of our spring guests will have to wait over a year to come back as campers. 

It was a bit of a slower week on the homes.  Scott and Brian were working on another project this week.  Walt rounded up a few volunteers to help finish the ceilings.  Thanks Gerald, Shelley and Gary for coming out to serve us.  Speaking of volunteers - Ryan was setting us up with data lines in the homes and brought his son along for help!  It's never too early to start volunteering.  If all goes to plan (famous last words) we will be insulating the attic next week and we're very close to hooking up the electrical to the homes so we can start heating them.

The final numbers for this blog, 28, 100, 2 and 2.  Twenty-eight is the current number of staff and volunteers we have on site.  This is the largest winter staff that we've ever had.  We didn't start that big, but we've sort of been growing over winter.  Our last two volunteers - Helmut and Doris - arrived this week.  And it's a good thing we have such a large staff.  Holy Spirit Academy grade sixers came to Evergreen this week - all 100 of them!  100 is a large group for us to serve in winter.  And the good news?  As a large staff we are doing our job.  We just got word (again) that two of our recent guests registered to come back this summer.  That's why we are here and that's why we do what we do!

And the final number two?  You can tell summer is around the corner because I have two brand new pairs of Crocs - with new charms.  Bring on summer!

Thanks for your continued support as we continue to reach higher.

Bob "Ranger" Kroeker
Executive Director

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