Friday, September 29, 2017

What's In A Nummer?

5,500,000 - anticipated cost of our new lodge
810,613    - the total donations and pledges to date towards Reaching Higher
600,000    - the retail value of each of our two new staff homes

300,000    - the anticipated cost of each of our new homes
62,269      - the support Andrew Baerg raised on his biking4evergreen tour
23,400      - plates of food were served this summer
13,920      - pieces of tuck eaten by campers and staff this summer*
6,464        - slices of bacon eaten at breakfast this summer
5,180        - slices of (very good) pizza
3,600        - servings of ice cream**

2,173        - the number of guests we've hosted January through June
1,731        - the number of km Andrew rode on his Reaching Higher tour
1,153        - the number of youth and family campers this summer
944           - the number of children and youth campers this summer
476           - the number of campers who expressed spiritual growth
325           - individuals and churches have supported Reaching Higher
300           - the number of feet we directionally drilled for the new homes
204           - loads of laundry this summer (thanks Doris!)
149           - the number of first time commitments this summer
99             - the number of volunteers we had this summer

38             - seasonal staff this summer
9               - permanent staff
4               - hospital/clinic runs
1               - Camp Evergreen
1               - Awesome God

Thanks for your continued support!

Bob "Ranger" Kroeker
Executive Director

*this number is approximate as we will never know how much tuck Ranger actually had
**this number does not include tuck, Helmut or Ranger

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