Friday, March 15, 2019

Some Pretty (VERY) Exciting News

Last Saturday I was reminded of the go/no go for launch sequence that is used before a space craft launch.  One of my favourite movies is Apollo 13 staring Tom Hanks.  You can listen to the go/no go clip here.  Go/No Go

Here at Camp Evergreen we had our own version of go/no go with the new lodge.  We have been talking about a new lodge since before my time here at Evergreen.  There have been numerous plans drawn up.  These plans have changed, the location has changed, but one thing that hasn't changed, is our (strong) desire to see more children, youth, and families, experience the life changing Good News of Jesus Christ.

What happened last Saturday to make me think of this sequence?  After a ton (and by a ton I mean a ton!) of hard work, of background work, of talking with the county, of talking with Alberta environment, hiring a geotechnical company, submitting an application for a waste water treatment plant, working on a business plan, we were able to go through our own go/no go sequence at the board meeting and clear Camp Evergreen for building a lodge.

On Saturday March 9 the board of directors said GO!  This was no ordinary GO. This was not your run of the mill, go get milk from 7-11 type thing.  (Right Fritzi?)  This wasn't even go at the beginning of jug and jog!  This was a monumental GO to start building our new lodge in October of this year.  You read that correctly.  No need to re-read it again as I'll do it for you.  We have said yes to starting our new lodge this coming October!

There was a ton of work that brought us to this point.  And there is even a bigger ton (I guess you'd call that two tons) of work that needs to be done before October.  It is a very tight time line but we are trusting that God is asking us to move forward in faith, as without His leading and guidance, it will not get done.

Ducks now need to be put in a row.  Lots of ducks.  Some of these ducks we have control of and others are in the middle of the pond out of reach!  I already ran into (not over) two ducks "not in a row" as I applied for a development permit this morning.  One of the largest ducks?  Your support as we move forward.

Stay tuned as I do my best to keep you in the pond - I mean in the loop!

Bob "Ranger" Kroeker
Executive Director

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