Friday, January 20, 2017

Are You Sitting Down...

If you're not sitting down you might want to for this weeks blog.  Starting last Saturday it was a very busy week here at Evergreen.  In case you missed it, Saturday was our annual Pond Hockey Tournament and we raised $30,000!  A big shout out to all who participated, volunteered, played and donated.  Craig Wiens and his Dalhousie Divers won the coveted top fundraiser trophy and took home this years prize, the Evergreen hockey jersey.

Lots (and by lots I really mean LOTS!) of action on the house build this week.  Our plumber started plumbing, the windows and doors went in and we now have up and down stairs to the basement.  And if that is not enough, we need to talk about the tin roof action.  By tin roof we're not talking tin roof sundae ice cream - which by the way tastes very good!  (tin roof is one of my favourite flavours in case you ever take me out for ice cream...)

The tin roof we're talking about is our first house!  Through one of our Gem MB Church connections, Norseman Metal Supply not only supplied the tin and installed the tin, they did this at no cost to camp!  (that's why you should be sitting down!)  A HUGE thanks to Ron and the rest of his team out of Duchess.  Ron brought with him Chapo, Jacob, Alex and his son Brock - who at age five - was picking up scrap pieces of tin for his dad!  Gem MB Church supplied some extra hands: Andrew, Dylan, Peter, Richard and Ethan - thanks for coming, it was great to see you here.  You will recognize Richard and Ethan.  This was their third time volunteering as father and son.

Craig, Jordan and Gary were here Friday making sure things are in place for our plumber who is coming back Monday.  Gary moved the laundry room door over a couple of inches.  Jordan was busy with I P D (has nothing to do with an internal police department) at the fireplace.  Craig did finally realize after a moment of reflection that the tub didn't go in the middle of the bedroom.  Good thing Kevin was here!  Apparently he was just measuring in the middle of the bedroom.  (measure once cut twice as the saying goes :))

And if that wasn't enough, the highlight for me this week was when two of our campers made a donation for Reaching Higher.  Can we stop and talk about that for a moment.   Two campers, at a young age, on their own initiative, donated a significant amount of their own money towards camp.  It makes me incredibly proud and humble to be part of this ministry.  It also challenges me and motivates me in my own support of Evergreen.

What's next?  Its time to start thinking about drywall, flooring, painting and appliances.  If you or someone you know has some good connections please let us know!

Thanks again for your continued support as we reach higher to see more lives transformed by the power of Jesus!

Bob "Ranger" Kroeker
Executive Director

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