Friday, January 6, 2017

We've Moved!

We've moved from the first house to the second house!  While the first house isn't quite finished yet, we've started on house number two.  Things are looking very similar except for all the snow!  A BIG thanks to all the volunteers who have joined us so far and if you're able to join us on the second house that would be great!  You never know how good you can use a chop saw until you try. Remember, measure twice, cut once!



Our third father/son team joined us this week in spite of the cold.  Walter Loewen - our first full time director here at Evergreen - and his son Matthew joined us for two days.  We will be seeing a lot more of Walt over the next little while as he helps us reach higher by re- connecting with previous campers, staff and supporters.  Speaking of father/son we've got early plans underway for our father/son retreat in June. There is a strong rumour of Dad's Root Beer!



Summer camp registration is now open!  Its always an exciting time to see camper after camper register for summer camp.  This year we have added an additional week of summer camps including our brand new Jr Explorers camp for campers entering grades 2-4 next fall.  As a staff we will take the next six months to plan on how we can make each week of summer our campers best week of their year!  Our theme for 2017 is Shine based on Matthew 5:14.

As we continue to move forward with Reaching Higher a question that we often hear is, "Is Camp Evergreens Vision Changing?"  The answer is an emphatic no. Camp Evergreen was started over 50 years ago with the mission of seeing lives transformed by the power of Jesus.  That vision has not, and will not change. Everything we do, every decision we make, points us in that direction.  


The way camp operates, our facilities, our schedule, and our staff will always be changing.  Doing callisthenics before breakfast was something that we used to do here at Evergreen, but I don't think our campers would appreciate that this summer.  We used to have one counselor for 8 or 9 campers.  One of my favourite stories from Seniors Day several years ago, was a young man showing up to camp and being put in charge of two cabins!  Apparently he spent most of his time that week running back and forth from each cabin.  I don't think our staff or parents of our campers would appreciate that today!  There will always be parts of camp that need to change, need to be updated.  

However, preaching the powerful Good News of Jesus Christ very clearly each and every summer to each camper will never change.  Reaching Higher, whether that's with new staff homes, a new lodge or even new coffee mugs, will enable us to stay on point with our vision and continue to minister more effectively for the next 50 years!


Thanks for your continued support.

Bob "Ranger" Kroeker - sipping hot chocolate while plowing snow!
Executive Director


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