Friday, January 13, 2017

Record Breaking Fourth Time!

Our good friends Walter and Don are back volunteering on the house build.  Walt is back for his record breaking fourth time and Don is back for his third time.  How cool is that?  And not only is Don back volunteering, he brought us some more Gem beef!  Thanks Gem for keeping us in the beef.  Don't forget the forecast for next week, we are still looking for volunteers and it will be a good week to be here!  You might even get away without long johns!  (unless of course you're talking donuts)

The outside walls are up on house number two and today was spent "strapping" the first house.  Some of you might be thinking the same thing when you hear the word strapping.  You might remember waiting for your father to come home from work after your mother read on your report card - for the second report in a row - Bobby (for example only) continues to be the class clown.  I can still hear it in my mind, "Just wait until your father gets home..."  Don't worry, this kind of strapping is totally OK and I had good reasons for being the class clown in grade four!

Any guesses to what this is?  We reached higher this week with a grease interceptor!  I know, you might be rolling your eyes thinking Ranger you're stretching it, reaching higher with grease?  Well we eat a lot of bacon here at Evergreen and we've had our 4" sewer line plug up with a very solid white, greasy looking blob.  (hope you are not eating right now! And if you are, you should put your cell phone away at the table)  The last time the steam truck came to blow out the line it took eight (8) hours to unclog!  So this is good news all around.  Bring on the bacon as we reach higher and hopefully we won't need the steam truck for a long time!


Pond Hockey is tomorrow!  Saturday, January 14th.  The man and woman hours of preparation continue to mount as we are now in the final hours.  9 teams are joining us this year and we're looking forward to a great day.  The forecast is a high of -1!  That's almost plus temperatures!  There is no cost for spectators, just let us know you're coming so we can prepare to feed you.  And since it's one of our two main fundraisers for the year don't forget your cheque book - we have a great silent auction selection.

Thanks again for your support,

Bob "Ranger" Kroeker
Executive Director

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