Friday, September 30, 2016

Making Ground!

We're making ground...or should I say, moving ground. There's been lots of things happening to our physical site and we're excited to talk about what has been happening. From chainsaws, skid steers, and big cats (and we're not talking lions) - there's been lots of movement in the last few days.

A few weeks ago, the Development Permits arrived. These development permits meant that we could start clearing trees and developing roads.

Securing the Building Permits was next in line. This took a bit of time as we applied for not just the building permits, but also the electrical and plumbing permits for the homes.

Rolf, our Site Manager, has been in his element clearing the two new home sites. These two sites lie next to our two story house, where one of the old staff trailers sat and further back (east) of the two story house.

As you can see, Rolf has been busy getting top soil moved so that there is a road into the east site. The next step is to line up the excavator and cribbing. We have a goal of getting the homes to the framing stage as quickly as we can so that in late fall, we can have a large "framing party".

Our vision is to line up enough skilled framers and provide them with enough "non-skilled" help that we can frame the homes in one weekend. It's a large goal but we are hoping and praying that it becomes a reality.

We're making ground and as roads start to take form and we move forward, keep praying that we would be keenly listening to God for guidance as we Reach Higher.

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