Friday, October 28, 2016

How much stone can a sling truck sling, if a sling truck could sling stone?

We had a busy week here at our Reaching Higher house build.  From finishing the basement holes, to getting ready for concrete, to digging sump pits in very muddy mud, the only thing that slowed us down this week was snow on Friday.  We had planned to pour concrete footings today (Friday), but that has now been pushed off until Monday due to the weather.  The forecast for Monday is sunny and plus 5, we hope the weatherman is correct!

It is exciting to see all the progress and we're thankful for trades working with us, not only on site, but by lowering their regular rates to help us Reach Higher.  A highlight for me this week was the rock sling truck slinging rocks from the truck into the far corner of the footings.  It was almost like a video game combined with a tongue twister!

We are still planning a "framing party" for the homes.  The concrete has to be poured and a few other things need to be in place, so we will let you know as soon as we know.  If you haven't swung a hammer in a while you may want to get yours out, dust it off and practice hitting the right nail.  Just avoid the dining room table please.

Last week we sent out an e-mail to all our campers from last summer letting them know this coming summers dates and rates.  Two exciting things for summer 2017 are adding another week of camp and all of our campers will receive a T-shirt as part of their registration!  We encourage you to start making your summer plans already as our camps have tended to fill up very quickly in the past couple of years.

 As we continue to Reach Higher with the new staff homes, we also need to Reach Higher with campership aid.  Last year we used almost all of our surplus campership aid donations and anticipate needing even more this year.  Campership aid is for families who can't afford to send their children to camp.  We work very hard to ensure everyone who wants to come to camp, can come to camp.

Thanks for your continued support.  We appreciate it very much!

Bob "Ranger" Kroeker
Executive Director

Friday, October 21, 2016

Ready, Set, Excavate!

Reaching Higher continues to move forward.  Last summer we added two camps.  This year we have added another week of summer camps.  We’re realizing that Reaching Higher is much more than our projected three buildings, Reaching Higher is really about everything we’re doing at Camp Evergreen.  The specific need for a new lodge is a direct result of both our summer ministry and guest group ministries continuing to grow. 

Camp Evergreen has a huge potential (and by huge I mean HUGE!), to not only continue to be a light in Alberta, but to grow our ministry.  Guest group after guest group continue to come to Evergreen, where we can clearly portray the love of God to them.  Our unique style of guest group ministry often results in many of our guests returning in summer as campers.  At the same time, we are turning guest groups away due to lack of space.  The need for additional space is great.

We have cleared sites for the two staff homes which are part of Reaching Higher.  We met this Monday with our excavator, electrician  and plumber to map out roads and services.  Thursday we staked out the homes for the fifth time with four guys and three tape measures.  (who knew you had to stake out homes five times?)  That was some serious staking.

Friday morning Rolf was happy in Bob Thiessen’s (board member) D6 building a road to the second staff home.


Friday afternoon we (and I’m certainly using the word “we” very loosely!) started digging the foundation on home number one.  Arnold from Silvester Enterprises in Sherwood Park is providing his excavator services at a significantly reduced rate.  We also need to send a big shout out to Craig and Jordan from Kingsmith Homes in Cochrane for all the work they’ve already put into the project.

How can you help?  Continue to spread the word that we are Reaching Higher.  As God continues to move at Camp Evergreen we need your help in sharing our vision.  A second way to help us is through donations.  While we are working hard for reduced or volunteer trades and services to keep the costs down, the need for funds is still there.  And finally we are having a volunteer framing party later in fall or early winter.  Stay tuned for information on how you can be involved.

As far as the lodge, our goal is to start the new lodge once we’ve raised a large percentage of the funds.  This is a very large project, one that needs a significant amount of support throughout Alberta.  We appreciate your continued support and prayers. 

Keep checking back as we update our progress.