Friday, January 12, 2018

The Underwoods

It is after Christmas and we are now into the second week of January 2018.  In Bob's last blog post of 2017, he wondered why does time always seem to pass so quickly?  For us - the Underwood family - we ask the same question.  2017 was a year that we were glad to be able to put behind us on a high note.  The day we received the "keys" for the Red House - now the Underwood home - was one year plus a day that Rachel was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  The start of 2017 was a little challenging to say the least!  However, we are blessed by our Heavenly Father for the amazing gift of life and healing that we have experienced, Rachel in particular.

We are also blessed with the beautiful gift of this home that we are now living in and thoroughly enjoying.  We are thankful for the community of Evergreen that we call home and for you, the greater community, for making all of this possible.  We thank you for your prayers and your love for us as a family.  There is no better place for us to be as a family than where we are right now.  It has always been a desire of our hearts to be in a the centre of God's will and we believe Camp Evergreen to be that place.  The added blessing to this is having a phenomenal church in Bergen to be part of.  Bergen Missionary Church has been an incredible support to us in 2017.

We're often asked how Rachel is doing.  To say she is doing well is an understatement.  She is doing fantastic!  We had a follow up appointment on December 18th and her levels are normal.  Praise The Lord!  Rachel returned to work in the middle of September to Mount Imagination Chldcare where she teaches preschool three days a week.

We want to thank all of you for your love, your generosity, and your faithfulness to the ministry here at Camp Evergreen that impacts so many people, including our family.  We have been blessed far more than we can ask or imagine.

We also want to thank all the people who made our home possible.  Craig and his guys from Kingsmith Homes, the Evergreen Board for having a strong vision, Ben for the amazing cabinetry, the tin roofers, Scott and Brian for framing the homes (even when the weather was downright cold!), Larry and Linda for painting, the flooring and tile installers - the list goes on.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

May you be richly bless more than you can ask or imagine in this year ahead.

With much love, joy, peace and hope,

Ken, Rachel, Kiah, Daniel and Levi Underwood